Searchlight Psychology are person centred, recovery orientated and adhere to a strict code of ethical standards and professional conduct.

Our values are centred around three fundamental principles. It starts with our participants. We work together to keep you at the centre of the services you receive from us. Our person-centred care supports people to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to more effectively manage and make informed decisions about their own health and health care. We’re always focussed on recovery. Recovery-oriented mental health practice refers to the application of sets of capabilities that supports people to recognise and take responsibility for their own recovery and wellbeing and to define their goals, wishes and aspirations.

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Searchlight Psychology Provides A Range Of Services For The NDIS

  1. Psychological Therapies Service. Centred around providing counselling services to help people in multiple areas of their lives. All our counsellors have a degree in either Psychology or Social Work and have experience in delivering evidence-based therapies to help people cope better with problems in their lives. We can help with learning to better manage emotions, improve relationships, improve communication and reach identified gaols.
  2. Assessment Service. We have a range of psychological instruments and measures that can help people through the NDIS system. Psychological assessments can inform reviews and planning and identify areas of need for a person within the NDIS.
  3. Positive Behaviour Support Planning. We can provide assessment and Positive Behaviour Support Plans (PBSP) for people with challenging behaviours that present as a risk to themselves or other people. PBSP’s can help people to improve relationships and live more independently.
  4. Early Childhood Intervention Service. Our Early Childhood Service helps children under seven years of age and their families reach identified gaols for their healthy development and growth by providing assessment planning and therapeutic intervention.

Accessing Our NDIS Services

You can access our services by phone, email, fax, via our website or by coming into our office to talk to our friendly staff. Referral can be made by: self-referral (participants refer themselves); a family member or friend; health practitioner; support coordinator; other service provider. Download a copy of our Client Handbook here.

Our NDIS Clients' Charter Of Rights

All clients have the right to –

  1. Access. All clients have the right to fair and equitable access to a full range of Searchlight Psychology services based on their needs and eligibility for service criteria.
  2. Quality and Respect. Clients have the right to safe and high-quality health services, provided with professional care, skill and competence. Clients have the right to care that shows respect for them as individuals, their culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.
  3. Choice. Searchlight Psychology staff must ensure clients are involved in decisions and choices about their care and about health service planning. Informed consent enhances participation and choice. Clients have the right to have a support person or to advocate on their behalf in respect to their rights and responsibilities
  4. Be Listened To. Clients have the right to comment or make a complaint about their care and have any concerns dealt with properly and promptly.
  5. Confidentiality and Privacy. Clients of Searchlight Psychology services have the right to personal privacy and the proper handling of personal health and other information is assured. The confidentiality in relationship between the client and their service provider is maintained and respected.
  6. Communication and Interpreters. Clients have the right to receive open, timely appropriate communication about health or other care in a manner they can understand. Accredited interpreters are made available for equitable and open communication.
  7. Independent Advocacy. Clients have the right to seek independent advocacy if they feel their complaints or rights have not been adequately attended to. Please see appendix C of this downloadable booklet for a list of Independent advocates available to you.

Searchlight Psychology adhere to a strict code of ethical standards within our clinical and professional practice. We work collaboratively with NDIS and our NDIS Participants.

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