Searchlight Psychology provides psychological assessments and reports for individuals, families and service providers.

Psychological assessments can help inform treatment for both psychological intervention and a number of different professional services such as Paediatricians, Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists; effectively forming the foundation for behavioural intervention and planning. We also provide assessments for NDIS planning and to inform NDIS supports and treatment. We are a fully registered NDIS provider and have met Verification and Certification from the NDIA to provide services to NDIS participants. We also independently contract these services to government and non-government service providers. We have the facilities to assess psychological, intellectual, and functional capacity for both adults and children.

Searchlight Psychology can provide assessments for Neurodevelopmental Disorders related to Intellectual Disability, Autism and ADHD. We also have the capacity to assess children under 7 in Early Childhood Intervention (ECI). Our assessment library consists of multiple formalised and evidence-based tools to help identify a range of intellectual, psychosocial and developmental disorders across the lifespan.

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Searchlight Psychology provides professional psychological assessments, for children and adults. These assessments can be invaluable in planning treatment pathways.

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